Road Warriors documents the stories of the fastest motorcycle riders in America during a year of brutal competition in the AMA. Exposing the heart and soul of the characters under the helmet through their triumph and tragedy.


In 2012, the American Motorcycle Association, racing under the banner AMA Pro Road Racing, staged 11 races across America. The battles on track are only a part of the story. What happened in the hot pits is very private, intimate, and sometimes heartbreaking to watch. These athletes have chosen a life few will live. This documentary offers a rare look behind the hot pit wall; uncensored and raw as it happened. The full range of human emotions.


The AMA traveling road racing circus is a huge extended family with lots of drama and rivalry. Road Racing is a deadly serious sport that these men and women face without fear. Rivalry is intense. Competition is fierce. The paddock is full of epic story arcs.

Rider mistakes can cause injury or death. Races are decided by thousandths of a second. The stakes could not be higher.

Riders, crews, and families laying it all on the line for a shot at the national championship.


This film is dedicated to memory of all riders past and present who have paid the ultimate price in pursuit of their dreams. During the production of this project, 3 more lives were cut short, and we honor their memory:


Peter Lenz #45

Marco Simoncelli #58

Kenny Anderson #12


Race In Peace