Road Warriors 2012 wins Best Documentary

October 14, 2013

Road Warriors 2012 wins Best Documentary (Festivals)

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October 14, 2013 - October 14, 2013


Malibu Film Festival honors AMA Road Racing documentary Road Warriors 2012 with Best Documentary.

Saturday October 12 2013:

It was standing room only at the Malibu Film Festival for the screening of the Documentary Road Warriors 2012. The packed audience was very supportive with cheers, gasps and laughter during the 52 minute presentation.

Matt Greenstone Director and Exec Producer of the production:

“The main purpose of this project is to grow the fan base for the sport of American road racing. We just got 200 new fans in this packed theater. We had an overwhelming positive response to this feature. Most 0f this audience (Standing room only!) had no exposure to the sport prior to the screening. They love watching these athletes behind the scenes. Its all about the characters. Thats how we can grow the fan base. The stars of this documentary (Josh Hayes, Melissa Paris, Danny Eslick, Roger Hayden, Austin Dehaven, and their families and crews) allowed us into their lives. Their generosity has opened up the heart and soul of this sport to the world. The response has been exactly what we expected! The audience falls in love with these brave athletes. Every time we win another festival it is a vindication for us hardcore race fans. We arent crazy! There is an audience out there hungry for this amazing sport. Once they see these characters under the helmet, they become emotionally invested in the story arcs. Thats how you build our fan base!”

Road Warriors was originally intended to be a reality based TV production which would play as a companion to the televised racing package produced by Chet Burks. The show would feature riders off track. Behind the scenes with the riders and their families and crews on the road. These athletes would gain exposure and grow the fan base as their story arcs unfold over the course of the race year.”

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